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Would you like to change your sexual experience? 


Are you worried because you feel like something is "not working"?  


You don't know what the problem is?  


Do you have unfulfilled wishes and don't know how to tell your partner?  


Are you suffering from pain or other uncomfortable feelings?  


Are you struggling to achieve orgasm?  

Do you want an open relationship and are you looking for advice?  

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation?  

The birth of your child has affected your sex life and you don't know how to deal with it?  

Has menopause negatively affected your sexuality?  

Have you had a sexual transition and are you worried about whether "it" will ever work again?

Would you like new impulses for a fulfilled sexuality in your long-term relationship?  

Are you worried about your sexual orientation? 

Let's talk about it!
Why sexological coaching?  

Sex life challenges do not mean that a long-term therapy is needed right away. Of course, possible organic causes should be clarified with a doctor. But often a conversation is enough to get things moving.  

The goal of sexological coaching is not to carry out psychotherapy, but rather it supports the client in finding a specific solution to their concerns. In doing so, the client sometimes gets specific advice, and almost always “homework”, with which they get closer to their set goal with the help of self-experience. Often enough, an unreserved conversation in an open and friendly atmosphere where no one judges wishes, feelings, and desires is enough. 

And sometimes it's about new ideas, information or the distinction between myth and reality.  


For counseling I use a bouquet of techniques that have proven to be helpful over many years of counseling work. These include: 


- Reflection according to the Sexocorporel system 

- Breathing and yoga techniques 

- Conversational and body interventions 

- Differential diagnostic clarification of possible underlying diseases

Consultation appointments can be booked on site in Hamburg, Prague, or quickly and discreetly online via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and other platforms.
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