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My name is Katie Valentová. 

I was born in 1972 in Prague, Czech Republic, and have been living in Hamburg, Germany for over 40 years, where I have been active as a naturopath and yoga teacher since 1998. From the beginning, my focus has been on diseases of the thyroid gland and disorders of the endocrine system. I have even geared my training as a yoga teacher to the needs of our endocrine system. 


However, after a serious illness, I had to give up this work for several years and worked as a translator. In 2019 I moved back to Prague, so today I live and work both there and in Hamburg. 


In the meantime I have completed further qualification courses in the field of sexual counseling and embodiment, and now combine my original job with new elements.  


Why do I work with sexuality, of all things? 
Sexuality is a great force that should be available to everyone, regardless of gender, gender orientation, age or preference. The variety of sexual possibilities and energies that anyone who devotes themselves to it with respect and openness can draw from it is fascinating. 


Let's talk about it!  





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